Monday, January 26, 2009

千七百七十一: 新年快乐!

last week went by in a huge blur.

Monday - OT
Tuesday - GYM
Wednesday - Met Andy for dinner after like almost 5 years and received my first present. super nice snow globe from precious moments, really really like it :) thanks!! went with Kemmy & Garry to Suntec, in the end they had dinner together with us. After Andy left quite early (cos of his baby), Kemmy & I accompanied Garry for a walk around marina area then rushed back to the hotel with him to watch American Idol. pretty interesting to see the Ritz room with twin beds for the first time. Kemmy & I left at about 11pm, after the show.
Thursday - had drinks & watched american idol after OT-ing. we had to take a bus because there wasn't a single cab in sight / available for booking for >30 min.
Friday - had Pre-CNY steamboat with ICAP guys/girls at Vivocity, turned up late cos of UAT and then bought wine & met up with another friend for drinks and stayed over to chat.
Saturday - haven't drank so much in a week for a long time so just zzz-ed really early. worked on the favours after reaching home in the morning and watched heroes season 2 throughout the whole day. Have been procrastinating watching the show, finally managed to finish so I can start on season 3! i really can't stomach violence in shows nowadays...
Sunday - Reunion dinner at grandma's house. went to gym b4 that to run.. am glad for a bit of improvement in timing / speed.

work tmr, wonder how much red packets i will receive this year...


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