Tuesday, January 06, 2009

千七百六十五: Renewal

Contract renewal today.

Last year i could tell a few closer colleagues how happy i was with my payrise. This year, I didn't have anyone to share my happiness with. (because I guess no one really wants to know & those pple kinda distanced themselves) It's unlucky i had to renew the contract in the midst of the economic gloom, the pay rise for this year was not as much as the previous renewal. well.. at least it's in the lower end of what I expected, so still pretty ok. At least luckily I changed a manager b4 the renewal else my efforts for the past year would have been totally unrecognised. must really thank those who gave me good feedback this year for my work! & u must speak up for yourself and make your requests known!

plans to continue work after i move have been 90% finalised and approved. pending some minor details.

suddenly it feels like i have not much time left.


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