Sunday, December 28, 2008

千七百五十九: Post Xmas

I can:t remember clearly what i did the past few days.

Helped H pick out his present and i got my lighter fluid. Also came up with the prototype for the orgel wrap. mom was super negative about the cost of it though, actually not that expensive (cheaper than company gift exchange in fact) then she was like, people is going to throw it away anyway! duh .. of cos if i give some crappy thing pple will throw away right. and got into a screaming match with her. and she ignored me for 2 days because i stayed out on friday nite. which is like ?????? really dunno why she wan to continue treating me like a kid and say i am an adult now when it comes to chores.

i got my shoes as well.. very similar to the magazine's. :)

then went to the office to print out all the remaining stuff.

yesterday went to the Gym and ran about 30 min. stayed out the night before and so my body was reluctant to move after about 4.5km. went to collect the lunch cards after that but they missed giving me the inserts, so i probably gotta go back there again.

came home to eat some instant noodles then rushed to Guan's matrimony & wedding dinner. very nice, first time i seen a matrimony and a swordbearer wedding. The pastor was super funny but kind of scared me with his words. "You are losing all your rights/ giving up all your rights to this person you are marrying. You have to submit to every demand she/he makes and vice versa because you chose him/her to be your wife. " scary right!? The ballroom very grand also, the ballroom held up to 40 tables. we had only 8 pple at our table, 2 pple MIA and we had alot of food to share out. I guess dinner of closer friends are definitely more meaningful, where u might see yourself in the photo montages. their 2nd walk in was Guan walking in first singing a song then Peifen joining him. it was really sweet. it was wedding talk all around, with 2 -3 more weddings next year coming up soon.

Tmr last day of work for the year. hooray!


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