Saturday, December 20, 2008

千七百五十三: Love, hate and blank

had supper today of prata as a friend was having relationship issues and i was feeling hungry.

met up with him to scold him for being stupid and to eat. :p his other half ignored him b4 he came to meet me for some food yet got angry at him when he said he was having a meal with me. -.- DUH! some girls are just so mean. and abit too self-centred bah. u wan to ignore the guy then u get pissed off when he meets up with someone else. u expect him to stay at home in misery and mope for u without having had any food?

i have realised it will be much better to stay zen than to show any strong emotions in a relationship. the guy might think "yay peace!" but it actually means the girl has grown to care less, hence resulting in the lack of anger / other negative strong emotions. (the opposite of love is hate, but hate is still a feeling) if u hv no feelings for someone means u dun even hate, u dun love and if you at most feel a slight irritation when this person contacts you, you're probably on your way to forgetting the person. well done!


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