Friday, December 12, 2008

千七百四十七: Blues

watched The Day the Earth Stood Still today (MS movie event) at GV Max. I wonder if this is the last movie event i'll be able to join.

Keanu Reeves - very cool - made me feel like rewatching Matrix.
Plot - so-so,but really got me thinking about being more eco-frenly conscious.
ending - too abrupt. would hv wanted a clearer ending on what happened to Keanu Reeves in the end.

came home a little earlier for a change today but it only got me thinking to all the things i haven't done. like hv the desired design in mind ready to tell the designer next week. no idea on what i'm going to do for the invites. and the program. Only thing i achieved this week was booking a photographer.

i guess the stress of doing everything alone is getting to me. i feel like i"m on the verge of tears any time, i feel moody and can become angry anytime with anything small.. which might end up pissing pple off.. and i'm such a control freak that i wan everything done my way so i don't really feel like asking anyone for help in doing things because 1. they might reject me, 2. they might not do the way i want 3. they might promise to help and end up nv help. :(

I think i am thinking too much.


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