Tuesday, December 09, 2008

千七百四十五: JP frens

Maya came all the way down to attend W's wedding (Maria the bride was really really pretty) and the least i could do was meet her for dinner over the weekend, esp to eat sg food. Bak Kut Teh on Saturday then dinner at my place on Sunday which she really enjoyed bEcause my parents cook really good tasting assam and steamed chicken. Had fun chatting alot abt everything, and really sad that i wont be moving to tokyo but osaka instead. She always meets up with me for meals when I'm in Tokyo, or at least arranges for mr M to meet me if they have plans. Her reaction was really funny when I told her today, she was like *oh no i hv to come to sg again?!* then went on to say this is great news.


no i am not with child.

cute guy N at the wedding looked abit crestfallen when he heard the rest talking about marriages and that the girl he thought was single there was not going to be soon. haha.. nvm i:ll get his facebook add tmr from W to link him to our photos. thought he looks abit like Adam Chen.

very busy but very good weekend.
JLPT finally over yesterday. probably will be that 60% result again if i:m lucky, else worse, since i didn't study until sunday morning.

hv to put full energy into the prep work for feb tmr onwards.

there were so many issues at work today i felt very irritated that I:m even supporting them. I'm helping yes, but i:m not even supposed to be in the team anymore u noe?? Y do u make it sound like its a must that i spoonfeed u instead of u making some effort to do stuff yourself? these pple irk me, i am the least paid yet all the questions come to me. so tired of work and Ryo keeps telling that i can just quit and go over anytime when I wan to now.. I am very tempted to do so.


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