Sunday, November 09, 2008

千七百三十六: Endless Questions

Been wandering around all day and finally managed to convince the parents that the venues were ok. Their indecision skills really tested my patience, because I had been doing all the work yet all the questions that come back to me reeks of distrust and double-triple confirmation.

My legs are aching now, the weather is so humid and warm today and Orchard was so so so so crowded.

A ghost from the past is here to haunt me this week, and I just wan to get through the week w/o losing my mind. As long as I can last til thurs w/o cracking.. I can't wait for their faces next week though, when i break the news.

sent out some emails to get tentative numbers, hope most pple will reply soon.

i better work my ass off at the gym from now on as well.

think tmr have to settle some other stuff as well.


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