Thursday, October 16, 2008

千七百三十; Fast forward

Ryo has come and returned to JP yesterday & suddenly everything is in place and moving in express mode.

We didn't do alot this time, mainly meeting friends and family for meals. and meals. Ate so much that he complained that he felt bloated almost everyday but yet kept eating because everything tasted so good. :P

Last week didn't manage to go to the gym at all due to laziness.

Managed to go to Velvet Underground for the 1st time on Friday night though. Its so costly to enter! But learnt from the previous week that I shouldn't drink that much so had a few beers and felt nicely woozy but sober enough to be looking at everyone around. Some of the girls are dressed so posh and stuff but i see like guy buying them drinks and before long the guys are frenching them and feeling them up w/o much care for public decency. interesting to look at but wondering why they alow the guys to do these things so easily.

Qunci's wedding was pretty touching (funny speeches by the bride & groom, photography shots for their wedding portraits very different/cool from the usual run on the beach thing, very good food, wonderful band) Pity I sat at a different table from the rest o the sixoneders. One guy at my table was abit kiasu about the food though. His gf had finished her shark's fins halfway and he was refilling his own bowl for 2nds. His gf was talking, so he looked at her half-eaten bowl, saw that not much shark's fins left for 2nds and then kiasu-ly filled up her half eaten bowl with shark's fins to the brim for her. -.- is that necessary?? He was behaving kinda kiasu for the rest of the food as well... kinda irked me to see him do that..

Alot of changes going to happen every part of my life suddenly... update when i can.


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