Sunday, September 14, 2008

千七百二十二: Back in Singapore

you know how life is, the day you have to leave is always the day with the best weather so that you totally regret choosing the wrong day to leave.

Ryo sent me to the airport this morning.

we had a sunny day on Friday and we jumped right into it, sunbathing & swimming in the hotel pool in the morning before heading to the beach in the afternoon.

saw this in Patong -
Ronald Macdonalds in Thailand

I totally did not know they customise Ronald to the country's way of greeting

the sky was perfect in the morning on fRiday -
perfect cloudless sky

but it rained yesterday again so we just stayed in the whole day even after the rain stopped (cos the whole sky remained overcast).

I didn't really enjoy Phuket mainly cos I was having either sore throat / flu throughout the past week; which meant food either didn't taste/smell good, '& the rain didn't really make the holiday any better, and also the number of white men + thai girl couples I saw made me feel quite uncomfortable, as some girls looked like they belonged in high school still. Also the prices were not that cheap, 1 bowl of tom yam soup was almost S$10, its really defeats the point of enjoying good & cheap food in Thailand. Luckily the whole trip was about spending time with Ryo so the negative aspects weren't so bad after all.

Photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157607284862847/
Can't wait to see him in October again.


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