Tuesday, September 02, 2008

千七百十九: September

very quick recap of the past week + weekend:

Monday - work til 11pm

Tuesday - work till midnite

wednesday - work till 11pm

Thursday - gym

Friday - work til 3am

Saturday - Gym in morning; suntec lunch in afternoon; met ryo at airport in evening; marina sq imperial treasures for dinner; ritz carlton 1205 for the night

Sunday - Ritz poolside breakfast & jacuzzi; lazed in their bathtub with a view before checkout; marina mandarin 1015 checked in; lunched at chatterbox; watched Die hard marathon on Star movies: napped in room for whole afternoon; met with abe-san for dinner at long beach udmc; had an iced-tea lemonade at starbucks; watched Die hard marathon again; read all the magazines I kapo-ed from ritz; ate strawberries with ryo.

Monday - Ryo woke at 5.30am, left at 6.15am; i left hotel at 7.30am for work... worked till 2am last nite. zzz

Tuesday (today) - worked til 10pm - end of UAT!!!!!

finally month of my birthday -shit i:m going to be 26 soon (late 20s argh!!!)

looking forward to the phuket trip this weekend - hopefully the thailand chaos will clear up b4 end of this week..

going to collect mooncakes tomorrow; finally to the gym tmr as well. :D

what a mad rumble of thoughts, its cos my eyes are closing from the lack of sleep........


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