Sunday, August 17, 2008

千七百十六: Hot Yoga

Finally 2nd week of UAT is over.

This week, i was really too busy to log on, having to work til midnight 2 times in the past week. the rest of the time i didn't only because i had made appt with others to go to the gym to force myself to leave earlier. it really amazes me that even though we all speak / read /write English, the pple in redmond can't seem to understand our emails. :S then we waste all sorts of time going back & forth.

gym on monday, tue, thurs & today. (Hot yoga this morning)

A accidentally kicked me when i was behind her with her heels today & now my ankle is swollen. hurts like mad. its amazing what heels can do.. how dangerous they are actually.

Finally made reservations for ryo's oct stay. we'll stay at Fairmont Singapore. the rates for hotel rooms are up the roof actually.. but the weekend price for the package is pretty worth it. I hope we have a good time.

have not been sleeping well the past few days. very weird dreams, of pple I thought I had forgotten about.

too tired now, can't really recall what I did during the week except work.. will update more when i can recall.


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