Tuesday, July 22, 2008

千七百〇七: New desk

in a teleconf now.. its either tonight or 7am tomorrow morning. given that i have an 8am meeting tmr as well, this is the best time... :s

I got my retainers this evening. After a week of freedom from braces, a tooth in a bottom row has began to shift a little. :( but the retainers will push it back. it actually hurts to put on the top row. which shows how much the teeth have shifted in a week.

we started work on level 2 today. spent about 1 hour in the morning unpacking, dunno why my boss is going to tokyo next week, maybe to meet the new staff? I always feel like telling her, hv u done UAT b4? unpacked the rest of my stuff in the evening, while H kindly waited for me to leave office together. now that I'm not on level 4 anymore, i got no more A coming to my desk to ask me if i wan to leave work together. ;( everyone kept complaining lvl 2 was cold... but it felt the same to me, am I abnormal? i didn't wear a jacket the whole day either. I put up some of my posters at my desk today. but maybe i put up too many? dunno why my table just looked kind of messy. even though there weren't much things on it at all.

Instant camera & the photos
the camera & the pictures

picture from friday's dinner with the girls for F-san's bday dinner. we went crazy with the polaroid camera and took lotsa instant pics. its so fun i wan to get one too!


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