Sunday, July 13, 2008

千七百: The Wedding

The wedding party went by smoothly. am so glad its over. the only problem was that so many people were so late. I can't believe it. it was a lunch ROM / Reception thing, not a wedding dinner, and the late pple were japanese, what were they thinking?! At least have some sense to contact us right? the party was a small thing, about 40 people, of course we tried to wait for everyone. even some of the people with responsibilities were late. -.-

anyway, happy that they liked the photo ppt I made, most people said they felt very touched after looking at it. I was also a little bit in tears and some people were crying at the end. hehe.. i'm glad.

best thing was the instant polaroid camera.

忍さん& me

i also want to get one! some of the guests had very cool cameras.

Wedding Photos:

went for dinner / ktv with some of the guests after. it was fun.

final dinner today with some people. sighz. I don't think this half of the year will be good.


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