Monday, June 30, 2008

千六百九十四: Weddingy stuff

went with S-san and the ladies to try to scout for a wedding dress within budget and also to preview the wedding venue. Can't believe how small sg is, managed to bump into YH at the wedding that the venue was having on sat morning.

we had lunch at 1827 to try the food.. it was pretty good but it was a bit pretentious, such small quantity for the price. i mean, it's thai food, need to make it the quantity of french food meh?

we headed down to Marina square after lunch to look at bridal shops.. I didn't know that the many shops from the past had shrunk to that few little stores there. In the end it was Golden horse that offered us the best rate. but I felt that the dress was too simple personally.

after that we headed to tanjong pagar, unfortunately we weren't allow to take photos else I would have shown u the one I liked best. was at Thomson bridal I think, the designer is named Ivan. super super super breath taking wedding dress but S-san said it wasn*t her taste, so went to look somemore. ah well. we finally found another one she liked, but it was abit too expensive compared to the first shop. (they quoted very low so it was hard to really beat that..)

shopped & dinner with Y-san & A-san at Raffles City. went home at about 10 plus. I can't remember what I did after that though.

Woke up at about noon on sunday and spent the whole day working on the PPT slides for the wedding party. at least it was pretty good (according to the critics) .

spent the day at work touching up the slides. need to check up on Phuket and also do up that stupid data for that stupid woman.

went to gym at bugis with H today, was on that stepper thing today for an hour (eq to 7.8km)and burnt about 480 calories. so little! but tired out.. good night.


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