Thursday, June 12, 2008

千六百八十四: "Clean" towels

Disgusted at the towels here. Supposedly "clean" towels, for 2 days, on separate towels, I have taken them up to wipe my face dry and discovered hairs on them. (when they are supposed to be fresh from housekeeping) on the bath towel, it was some brownish short curly hair stuck into the towel. that totally grossed me out. eeeeeeks. don't even want to think where that came from. then the day after that, I took up a face towel and found a long strand of hair where it was folded. -.- seriously disgusting!!! I don't want to stay here anymore next time. confirm will go hyatt by hook or crook.

dinner treat from the core team at little italy (same as in december).

the weather feels like it was still the same as when i last came here in december. its 12 degrees celsus. i can't believe it. and the winds are freezing. what's going on??


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