Saturday, May 31, 2008

千六百七十八: 色

Gold Class movie ticket for Indiana Jones
most expensive movie ticket ever seen

COS Team morale event movie at Gold Class Grand (Great World City). Since I watched the movie before, the point of watching it was to enjoy the seats (Very comfortable - full reclining) and there was popcorn and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) provided by our manager. so comfortable after drinking a beer and fell asleep at the part when after they were chased by the amazonians. hee hee. woke up when the movie ended.

shopped around with Chloe at Raffles City. There's a sale at Kate Spade btw. but couldn't buy anything cos my card was maxed out. which is a good thing because I want to go shopping in USA!

ate MOS yakiniku Rice Burger for dinner, with their clam chowder. won't be eating the clam chowder soup again for sure, but the burger's pretty good. luckily we ate that. The farewell drinking session was supposed to be at timbre but apparently the staff cocked up the booking and didn't reserve the tables accordingly with the online reservation made by Gerald. In the end, it was lucky that Julius and Lovell headed to Balaclava earlier and had a tiny table there with some standing room. Since the venue had changed, we slowly shopped our way thru citylink till we reached suntec. Quite a fun nite with a lot of jokes by Christine.

drinks until very late and headed home at about 6am.

i dunno why Julius fly me kite about Ironman outing again.


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