Tuesday, May 27, 2008

千六百七十六: Change

Partly waiting for my nails to dry, my hair to dry and for the 3rd episode of Change to be out. its hard to avoid the sides of ur fingers when painting the nails a dark colour.

suddenly recollected this while painting my nails.

we were queuing at an Indian restaurant in shinjuku for dinner on the 2nd last evening, which seemed to be full and the manager came out and asked us to wait a while, cos they had a tour group of Indians who were finishing up. I was like .. ? u come Japan for a short tour also eat indian food?? shouldn't touring be about experiencing local food and cultures? very weird...

Indiana Jones movie tmr evening after the eye check.. I hope I can see...

Planning for trip to Korea for summer holidays in September. will be in Seoul for a few days then probably head to a resort in Cheju. Trying to source the cheapest tickets for myself now and research on resorts as well.

I couldn't sleep last nite, was tossing and turning thinking how much I hated to go to work these few days due to lack of motivation. I hate not using my brains..


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