Saturday, May 24, 2008

千六百七十四: What happens in Vegas

Watched *What happens in Vegas* with WK and the movie was super funny. the front part reminded me of frens though, the part when Rachel and Ross got married accidentally in Vegas and tried to get an annulment. I wonder how is it like to really be in such whirlwind romances.

Gatsby advert showing very frequently on tv. 「好きにやっちゃって」as the catchphrase. I wonder how much they are spending on advertising around the world..

Caught a glimpse of Zoe Tay at Ngee Ann City Civic plaza. Her hair is now soooo short! (page boy cut!) think she looks best with this hairstyle, more feminine cos her features are so strong? but of cos still looking better than most of us at her age.

After that walked around at Takashimaya, went to zara and bought 2 pullovers with stripes. Stripes are in! saw red and white stripes and couldn't help but buy. heehee. and then bought a yellow tube dress oso.. all cheap cheap .. 3 pieces for less than $100.

i must stop using the CC le... almost hitting the limit i think?!? hmm..

after that we went to boat quay.. swisshotel for dinner.. then went to see fireworks. just in time for fireworks actually, when we had actually intended to watch the whole show. :D

walked around in Central after that, but realised that there weren't that many shops.... quite a boring place actually.

going to sleep tmr away.


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