Monday, May 12, 2008

千六百六十四: NH901

back in sg this early morning on flight NH901.

Took the limousine bus from the hotel at about 1pm.. & managed to take a picture on the bus before we fell asleep..
on Limo bus from Shinjuku to Narita
on the bus from Shinjuku to Narita

Reached the airport in about 1.5 hours, my luggage had increased by 4kg.. reached JP with 16.5kg and left with 20.5kg. had lunch and then parted with Ryo at Narita at about 4pm. sighz. again.

Walked around the airport shops, bought some skincare pdts from the DFS shops, then went to sit down in the lounge to wait. it's always a torture to wait alone for boarding, especially having to look at other people with company, like families or other lovey dovey couples. i'm used to flying alone, but i don't like to.

It was a turbulent flight with bad food. I can't believe the bad luck when the guy in front of me could order the chicken and then the CA told me that they only had fish left. WTF!? sickening, that really ruined my impression of the airline from the first flight. the CA was very apologetic but what to do, no food means no food. choked down abit of the fish, (the chicken dish was chicken cordon bleu...) and then just no appetite to eat liao.

watched 3 movies on the flight, or actually 2.5. the ending of the 旅の贈り物 0.00発、 銀色のシーズン陰日向に咲く
all Japanese movies, cos I watched the English movies they showed before le. The Bucket List, and 27 dresses. They were showing Jumper.. thats all, no interest in that. tried to take a nap after that, cos my eyes were beginning to hurt.

finally reached singapore at 12.20am, I was feeling so depressed & tired. Depressed cos I really wanted to be JP alot longer, I just love the work environment there, and the air and the general feeling that its ok to be alone but then in the same country as the bf. to have had 2 weeks almost totally together with him makes it alot harder to be back now in sg alone.

reached home and unpacked and showered and was finally able to sleep by 3am.

this really sux. when can I just go back on a 1 way ticket??

flying towards the sunset
flying into the sunset


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