Thursday, May 08, 2008

千六百六十二: Hello from MSKK

writing this from the office.

its lunchtime now but everyone isn't around so I'm just sitting around until someone adopts me for lunch.

what did I do last weekend?

Saturday - checked out slowly in the morning b4 rushing to Haneda Airport for my flight to Osaka(i didn't know it was raining) Met Ryo at Osaka Station, went to the weekly mansion at 堺筋本町 and started on my laundry. went to 心斎橋 and ate delicious ramen for dinner. I hate ramen normally but this shop managed to actually cook it in such a way until i actually like it! with very handsome waiters also, and also the restaurant was not the kind that have greasy old men eating ramen. I think we went back quite early after that.

Sunday - Ryo did his work until about 4pm and then we visited his friend's house for dinner.

Monday - went to Rinku Town Premium Outlets. bought myself a tiny leather kate spade handbag. :D Ryo bought a samsonite luggage. Had dinner at 梅田, went to yodobashi to buy a DS cos my one is cracked. and the games kept getting deleted. starting from the beginning 3 times is not fun. ate Kyoto-styled Pasta and then headed back to the room to try to catch SMAPXSMAP but the stupid holidays special cancelled out the show for that day. argh.

Tuesday - stayed in the room because Ryo had to do his work. we went to the same ramen shop for dinner though. :D seeing the handsome waiters made me quite happy.

Wednesday - flew from Osaka to Tokyo at 7.45am for work. slept the 1 hour in the plane away. reached work at about 10.30am JPT. ate dinner and drank quite a lot last nite at 有楽町 area last night with MS colleagues. :D the hotel is pretty cool for these 2 days. Staying at Remm Hotel Hibiya - http://www.remm.jp/hibiya/room.html, and the room has a see thru concept, where u can see the shower from the bed. hehe.

Today should be meeting ryo for dinner... should I go buy some lunch now?

Best ramen I ever ate
Best Ramen I ever ate - 赤味噌ラーメン


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