Tuesday, April 15, 2008

千六百五十二: Be Brave

I want to advise all victims of molest to be brave and fight to the end because I did and the guy had to learn a very painful lesson. He tried to deny it was on purpose until the last minute when he was supposed to stand trial. He knew he couldn't win with the lies he was making up in the court of justice. So don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and bring these people to face the law. As long as we make ourselves heard, truth will prevail.

After the morning's hassle, the year long incident was over and i really thank all the people who lent a helping hand to put that the guy to his rightful place. Especially the Malay youth who gave chase. Very very thankful to him for giving chase until the MRT where the guy was caught on CCTV which led to his downfall.

Had to go back to work at about 2pm and was so swamped I stayed until about 1am. I now see why some take so long with their work. they are so disorganised they don't know if they have handled the issue b4 and they waste alot of time going back and forth to read and re-read stuff. which made me very pekchek at their insistence on asking the non-impt stuff but they don't seem to see the crux of the issue to tackle first. argh. I dunno how to help these people, except it might be faster to do the work for them. which is not a good idea.

i think i will go sleep and think up some way to clear up their mess tomorrow.


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