Monday, April 07, 2008

千六百四十七: Dream home

Feeling a tad envious seeing blogs of people doing up new places to live in with their other halves. While I'm still stuck at home with a mum who still makes a lot of noise if I come home after midnight, even if its once a month. sighz. Really a big push to save up for my own property to have my own haven asap. I would love to have my own studio apartment with french windows and a good view and a little kitchen and dining area.. all for myself. :D i hate to share (if its not with someone i can sleep on the same bed with) so dun need a big space, just enough for myself is fine. and hopefully near to the city but not right in the middle of it. I hate the noise and transport problems but want just enough convenience so that I can walk to shops within a minute and be able to eat char kway teow anytime of the night within walking distance. or maybe be able to walk home after pubbling/clubbing. that would be best :D maybe something like that this apartment in Nishinomiya

thinking of ways to make my statement for the case loophole free. but its hard, seeing it was >a year ago. Well, we are all human, hopefully the judge takes this into account.

8am day tomorrow.. stupid neighbours are playing mahjong EVERYDAY recently. Do they realise that CNY was 2 months ago?!


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