Sunday, March 30, 2008

千六百四十: 老北京

Farewell dinner at 老北京 at PS. for Ayako...

dunno why tears came to my mind when they were ending the dinner with alot of reminiscing talk. I have only known her for this 1 year plus, but then I guess her eccentric ways have gotten to me and I think i will miss having her around. so many pple have left since I joined. maybe i'm just feeling moody, but feel super sad about it.

life feels like a farce nowadays, I dun really know what I'm doing and why. all becos of this b**tard who came along and made things alot more confusing and added on to my troubles. I am tired of trying to just brush it under the rug, and I will be having a mental breakdown soon. i should stop wearing non-waterproof mascara at work in case i burst into tears for no reason. which is something I feel i might do.

a month more to Apr 26 evening, which feels like 10 years away.

march must be the longest month of the year. & I realised that I overspend every March. why is that so, I haven't a clue. even after payday on friday, there is still 31st tomorrow?? its like come on, just end this month already!! its been hellish, and its been nearly a month since everything went downhill. what happened to my getting used to the alone-ness feelings?!


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