Friday, March 21, 2008

千六百三十三: Coin Glass

mosaic session yesterday, made this to put coins / tiny stuff in. ;)

mosaic coin cup
marbled tiles

piles of work this week, no time to even go to the loo, as compared to being able to blog from work last week.

photo of eating with maya/peiling and other of the long time no see Japan group at Szechuan court in Raffles City.
Peiling, me and maya
Peiling, me and Maya

mind is kinda blank now.. had nasi lemak for lunch today, paid for my ana tickets yesterday, printed my sister's stuff today.

went to watch Step Up 2 on tues with WH, after that we went for drink at peppermint park, st james, had abit of a chat. i dunno what he wanted, i didnt wan to guess at it, and he sent me back all the way home after drinks. and they always come back being nicer when u turn around and be the one to start ignoring them.

Wednesday was a mad rush at work, cos had to go simlim with H to get the ext hard disk and then G said I might have to go back to work at 9.30pm for the short window they were going to open up the system for me to insert those urgent companies so that they could be billed in time. In the afternoon, i got so mad at some of the rest cos they said something about me shouldn't be going for lunch if i'm busy. wtf?! maybe cos of the work stress and plus not being able to enjoy my lunch, i stayed mad until evening. anyway, reached simlim at about 7pm, so walked around simlim for a bit (microsd at $49 just to remember next time), got my harddisk, and then finally the rest came and we went to 7th storey cos they wanted to eat steamboat (cheaper there than the 天天火鍋). Anyway, dinner was ok, wasn't mad after that le.

very tired at having worked since 7.30am this morning (until 7pm?).


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