Monday, March 10, 2008

千六百二十四: Pepper Lunch

Met xh at IMM today for dinner. first time eating at pepper lunch.. food was so-so, they put too much corn in my rice. bleah.

felt alot better and clearer after talking to her, that:s wat best frens are for right?? happy for her that she's having her second one, maybe now i'll be godma of a little boy? :D my sis was saying i just need to be godma to all her kids and dun need to have any myself.. but at the rate my relationship is going, i probably no need to have any of my own liao (will be too old to have any by the time i ever get married...)

She's right, i should stop putting myself at risk of being hurt by people, and I should be more head rather than heart. If we had more privacy this evening, instead of being in a fast food restaurant, I would probably have just sobbed and bawled into her shoulders instead of just having a heart to heart talk having been so unhappy since last week. its really alot of emotional fatigue, with pple coming and leaving, including Ryo (u anticipate so much for their coming that its really hard to let them go so soon)

hope I have a better day at work tmr. today's onigiris were met with warm response, but that the rice grains were abit hard, in spite of which the onigiris tasted good. I'll try to make somemore next week.

8am workweek all week. good night.


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