Saturday, March 01, 2008

千六百十七: 新年会2008

Animal themed office party at Giraffe on Thursday evening. it was pretty good fun (& i won cutest animal award!)

I was dressed as a cat with ears and tail but unfortunately I can't find a pic that properly shows the tail so some of the pics, you can see me carrying a little black furry stub which is actually the tail. hee..

浅井さん and me
浅井さん in a swan costume & me

cat bullying the mouse
the cat bullying the mouse

吉岡さん and me
rabbit and cat

& won alot of mini prizes from the game of guess the staff in the photo (photos had been photoshopped into unrecognizable shadows).

a great week, the PMs were here from JP so it was time to catch up with them after a long half year of absence from APOC. we went drinking after the party at Novus, at the National Museum, and they treated us to half the drinks.

Pictures here:

Quite a productive work week with the PMs here, got them to clear up a lot foggy areas for the projects and vice versa. can't wait for them to come back to APOC asap.

Last week, found out many secrets as well. abit shocked...

Next week Ryo will be here (for a day) for work. really looking for it, haven't seen him since New Year..


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