Wednesday, February 20, 2008

千六百十二: Giraffe

I'm writing this as i'm waiting for my hair to dry, so late for the second night in a row.

worked until 7+pm while all the rest waited for me; can't help it since I had to clear UAT requests from PMs as well as assigned test cases from core team. (excusez moi while i ramble abit about work) A beside me was a big help in clearing the explore test cases while I tried to clear as much as I could for the rest of the projects. Projects not launching could afford to wait, but suddenly some of the adhoc tests were raising some questions (& bugs). finally could leave after sending replies to the PM to inform him of the results so far and what I should do next. thought it was a relief I had finished his requests, but guess I did it too well, he came back with a 2nd round of requests to add on. (T.T) I guess I can plan to OT til late tomorrow.

anyway... our team went to PS for dinner then to Giraffe for the guys to see what the place was like so they can plan for the NY party performance next week. Our party is going to be there.. I guess very apt since the theme of our party is Animal wildlife. I can't wait, cos the PMs will be here next week and its been >6 months since we last saw them. when they come to the office, they certainly up the quality quotient of the jp guys in the APOC office. :)

ok .. hair has about dried (stopped dripping at least) so i'm off to bed. good night!!


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