Sunday, February 03, 2008

千六百〇二: Emotional Drain

alvin the punk
Alvin the punk

Got this when I bought popcorn when watching movie with X. added a Coke keychain to him. Very punk look now. abit like those robber with hoodies.

Face threading yesterday morning. Hurt like mad, when i left my upper lip area was all red, so embarrassing, luckily I scheduled it in the morning. Used a tissue to cover my upper lip (like i was having a cold) all the way home.. and applied some pore tightening cream the moment I reached home. luckily all the redness subsided by the time I had to go for French lessons, but I was late for class anyway, with traffic jams all over bukit timah road due to roadworks & cutting of tree branches (shouldn't they be doing these things at night when the traffic is less busy??) . it took me almost an hour to travel from my place to Newton by bus... and i fell asleep towards the end of the journey, almost missing my stop to alight.

French lessons going well, doing ok in class. the teacher seems fine with my pronounciation too, I guess the key is just imitate whatever you hear.the teacher got sorta mad at some people who don't even want to open their mouth and try.

Tired of not having anyone around. Vday coming around again.. another normal day for me and a day to avoid all the couples around who make me feel damn sianz.


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