Saturday, February 02, 2008

千六百〇一: Funerals

January 2008 seems to be just full of bad news. almost 1 death a week, My mom's uncle (my granduncle?) chose to end his life the day before. It was a shock to us, as we had only seen him a few weeks ago, gleefully saying that he would definitely be collecting his angbaos during CNY. A single man in his 70s, he was always pretty cheerful. unfortunately, within the short few weeks, we dunno what happened and he left us for no reason we could see. went to the funeral/wake tonight, a short one as he didn't have much family. sighz. please learn to treasure every single person around you cos you nv noe when you might lose them.

my mom was telling me that maybe I should seek a new relationship in sg if there doesn't seem to be any end or any future to things with Ryo soon. its clear that my youth is on the decline, and that before I know it, i'll become an old hag in my 30s and then 40s in the blink of an eye. :( everyone tells me the same thing and I really don't want to do that.... even though I know that they are probably right and that this relationship is going to be stagnant because all we will do is just maintain LDR forever until we get married.

my sis heard me speaking very loudly in my sleep. loud enuff for her to hear me from the dining area (i'm sleeping in the furthest room from the dining area) and she got a little freaked out hearing me speak so loudly (and sounding irritated) but when she checked, I was asleep and speaking 夢話。 creepy. I really want to know what i said though.

just want to rest this weekend, the shock of the news of the death is very very draining. Je suis fatigue.


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