Tuesday, January 29, 2008

千六百: American Gangster

Went to watch the movie with C, (another C.. I realise I noe alot of Cs) and i realised i really becoming more scaredy cat with age. The bombing scene startled a gasp out of me (i think i was the only person who gasped in the cinema), and I don't like watching violent shootings!! but the story was good, the way he did business was very cool, his drive to make himself richer than others was very motivating as well, given his environment. & learnt that heroin and opium both came from poppy. (only knew about the opium from poppy from all the historical chinese movies..) I dunno why they had to make the thai heroin boss so ah qua (with makeup?!) though, even though he was dressed in a military uniform. hmm. but good acting by Denzel Washington, not used to him acting as the baddie this time. Russell Crowe abit too chubby to look cooler than him though.

Boss is in town but didn't see her in the office at all except once. sighz. still can't believe she isn't going to be our boss soon.

Dental appt tomorrow. Felt super crappy this morning, i had a weird nitemare last nite about me trying to fly to escape from prison and then to avoid being caught by sneaking around and avoid being shot as well. Only woke up when my mom woke me up and i woke up with a gasp only to realise I was holding my breath throughout. (well u would oso be holding your breath if you were escaping capture and sneaking around) Head ached throughout the day and tummyache oso, with me feeling nauseaus and having no appetite the whole day, all thanks to the nightmare. I hope to sleep better tonight...


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