Sunday, January 13, 2008

千五百九十: BBQ

G held a BBQ at his place today since his wife was in from Seattle for a week plus and K was leaving sg soon to go back to Seattle. or Reno? and it was J's advanced bday celebration as well, and surprisingly almost everyone who could, brought their other halves. *envious..* I arrived a little late and all the food was gone. ... too fast this time, and then the food that was left was cooked with garlic. hmmmm. wat happened to sambal?? I can't stand the taste of garlic/onions, no matter how hungry, so just tried to eat a little and after the BBQ, we headed to Raffles City for somemore food. Most of the restaurants were already closed so we went to Thai Express, & I ordered a tom yam soup and beef rice while the rest of the team ordered thai coffee and desserts. had a surprisingly fun nite (?) during the thai express dinner, with the conversation being so funny that I was laughing more than I was eating.

Currently listening to Clazziquai, a Korean alternative group who collaborated with m-flo before and I liked the sound of their music so decided to give their group's album a try. Quite funky, acoustic sounds, very ez on the ear. They also sang the theme song for Lovely Samsoon, the korean drama, 我愛金三順, so i gotta check out that song again haha.

Have decided to relax tomorrow and try out the leather jewellery making and beads again since i've neglected that for quite long due to studying on weekends. :D good night!


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