Friday, January 11, 2008

千五百八十九; Long weekend ahead!

Monday is a public holiday - 成人の日。The day where all Japanese kids turn into adults because they become 20 years old this year. The girls will dress into their kimonoes and guys in suits and there will actually be a ceremony in each town to celebrate the event for these teenagers. I only seen the event on TV before but I saw the kids in kimonoes and they look so pretty :)

Attending another makeover event next week with the girls cos of a Citibank promo, but this one is alot alot cheaper, dunno whether will have photos so I'm going to bring my camera anyway. :D

Still in the office actually, after a long DS 対戦 session with Shinji & Hiroki, had alot of fun playing multiplayer games like 太鼓の達人、応援団、やわらかい頭 (Big Brain Academy) and Mario Kart. with me being the big winner for most games. :p ok la, only cos i played the games b4.

Starting French lessons tomorrow, so excited! then bbq with colleagues on sunday, nuahing at home on Monday and my sis will be back next week.


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