Thursday, December 20, 2007

千五百七十九: Heartbreak Kid

I got lazy again, especially since this week I was quite busy trying to create a ppt presentation for an upcoming presentation for next week.

Watched Heartbreak Kid by Ben Stiller, the ending was so unpredictable and the movie was pretty hilarious. but i guess the scenes did throw me off a little, didn't expect such graphic scenes in a comedy. After that i joined a few of my colleagues for a drink at Novus at National Museum, it was pretty good ambience, but marred by the fact that the disgusting guy was there and trying to speak mandarin to me. its super irritating, since we dun understand him when he speaks even Japanese already, why the heck is he even trying to speak mandarin?! i can't wait for him to leave the company , only a few more days til his contract ends.

Left at about 11pm with Jimmy & Lovell, since I have to work again tomorrow. Everyone said wah, so poor thing, gotta work on public holiday, but actually I dun really think so. I prefer holidays to be quiet and its even better to have holidays when the whole world is at work or school and u have peace and quiet and no crowds when u hit the malls. u can even go to the banks etc, which I can't do if I follow the sg holidays. & i love it that i miss CNY to tell the truth, cos i hate to spend the day just sitting there watching tv the whole day at relatives' place mindlessly.

was in the loo the day b4 and I saw a pube on the toilet seat. pretty gross huh!? I wonder why those people can't clean up after they use the loo. eeeks.

everytime there is a PH eve and i goes to drink, I can't help but think back to the Good Friday eve of 2007. Very very very good memories of that night. sighz.


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