Saturday, December 08, 2007

千五百七十五: -2 degrees celsius

This was my dinner yesterday:
Sushi Set

haha. i'm still in Seattle though. Am very sick of steak and carbs for dinner, and we chanced upon this Japanese restaurant so we had japanese food for dinner. Very Very good! cos firstly, we can finish the food, and 2ndly, the fish was fresh. :D

ok i've been lazy in blogging the past few days.

Wednesday evening, there was a group dinner:
Dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy
UAT workshop attendees

& then we had a pool game and more drinks after that.
Jevan's turn

so got back pretty drunk at about 11pm ++ so just conked out in bed when I reached my room.

Thursday, most of the other regions' in charge had to leave in the evening, so me & James went for dinner ourselves. It was a rare fine day.. so we took a picture, to commemorate our week at this building in MS:
Building 85

On our way back, we managed to catch the performance of Snowflake Lane drummer boys, and it really got us into the christmassy mood.
in front of a Snowflake Lane drummer boy
a drummer boy on stilts

After the performance, we went to get changed and we went to Barnes & Noble and took a look around. We also went for the Japanese dinner, then to Safeway to look at some food. They have so many interesting flavours of Ben&Jerry's!

after that, I had bad stomachache and had to rush back to the hotel. :( the humongous proportions taking their toll on me by the end of the week.

& G's wife, who lives in Seattle, took us out for dinner on Friday evening and to see the skyline. it was very breathtaking, but the freezing winds almost killed us. we took a few pictures, which was too difficult for my tiny camera to do, and the pictures turned out to be too dark :( but we had a good time, went to see Safeco Field, where Ichiro plays baseball for Seattle Mariners. ;D

I've to wake up to check out and reach the airport by 6.30am...


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