Monday, December 03, 2007

千五百七十三: Hyatt Regency Bellevue

Finally reached the hotel past 12 midnite. Current time is 1.40am Monday 3rd December 2007. Have showered and roughly unpacked. but feeling quite famished.

The coolest thing about the room is the Ipod alarm clock speakers. :D it's a charger for the ipod too!! they gave me a twin room with 2 queen sized beds but I guess its fine with me.

The flight here from San Francisco was pretty turbulent. the flight was supposed to take off at 8.40pm, but we were on the plane for pretty long until I fell asleep and the plane only took off at about 9.20pm??! tiring, total flight time today was about 20 hours. zzzz.

I finished watching No Reservations, and was drinking beer on the plane so that I would feel sleepy and I had actually nodded off when the cabin crew woke me up to eat supper. sighz. which was actually a full meal. and by the time i drowsily finished it, I was feeling more awake again. (That was at about 2am SGT) so I tried to close my eyes and just try to sleep and I think i managed to fall asleep and sleep until about 6am SGT? and then it was time for breakfast again. haha. or because we travelled back in time, it was a late lunch. (-.-!) so confusing. I wished I was sitting at the window seat so that I could have seen the plane flying into the sunrise and then back to sunday evening. While eating the lunch/supper meal, watched The Invasion, then played PSP while rewatching Ratatouille. hehe. and that was all I watched this flight. quite little :S but will have chance to watch all on the way home again. another 3 transfers!!! but at least on 8th i would have flown the Seattle -> San Francisco leg.

nite nite..


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