Tuesday, November 20, 2007

千五百六十四: :D

okie.. updates on the shopping list..

cos the discount was expiring a few days ago, xq had to get the stuff i wanted ahead of time.
  1. Signature Stripe Ipod Case
  2. Logo Cellphone Medallion Bracelet Cellphone Lanyard
  3. Signature Large Beauty Case in Brass/Khaki/Parchment
  4. Signature Studded Gallery Tote - Brass/Gold
  5. Signature Stripe Large Tote in Brass/Khaki/Parchment

:D:D The beauty case was out of stock for the colour I wanted so didn't get yet but the rest of the items he managed to get for me... :D:D

I think my trip is about 95% confirmed with one week left to go. crossing my fingers and toes.


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