Sunday, November 11, 2007

千五百五十七: Sleep Debt

I wonder why I sleep alot during weekends nowadays. I don't stay up late, and when I just become sleepy after a little reading on the bed and drift off to dreamland. is it age??

and the amazing thing is that I manage to sleep early in the evening even after a 4hour nap in the afternoon. (-.-;)

so my plans for studying didn't work out too well, have to buck up abit if I want to try to pass the JLPT this year...

I had strange dreams last night, of seeing Ryo's parents, and brother's family but no recollection of seeing Ryo at all in my dreams at all. Sighz. We decided on where to stay for the year end trip, I think the place is at 夙川, near my favourite Kura-sushi, a conveyor belt sushi place. :D can't wait to see him!! coincidentally, he's going to SFO until 2-Dec, when I'm only landing in SFO on 2-Dec (if my trip is confirmed). argh!! 勘違い・・・ just miss each other. too bad about this...

ok i better go try to study abit more before the weekend ends..


Blogger Edwin said...

exercise more?

9:47 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

i prefer to sleep

12:32 am GMT+8  

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