Thursday, November 01, 2007

千五百四十八: Conduroy Cafe

Had some good news today from work, from the company that manages our contracts actually. they are merging with another business unit from their parent company so they are becoming 1 big company in Singapore. Then, they are going to take a more active role in our welfare, so they are going to start giving out retention bonuses when we renew our contracts. :D luckily my contract is due for renewal next month. hohohoho.

After work, was supposed to help Go-san check internet plans, but the website was so outdated for Starhub that we decided to head for the shop at Vivocity to directly check and apply. As it turns out, the hubstation thing for cable tv is quite worth it, since free internet if you're a light user, but we had to check her new aptment for cable point and signal first. -.- so in the end, we couldn't apply.

Headed to the food court for dinner and then she confided in me about some issues. I would say good luck and I am happy for her, but then the food court is really not a good place for heartfelt talk. the place is super noisy (even though we had our dinner at nearly 8pm)and then so we headed to Conduroy Cafe to chit chat over a drink.

Conduroy Cafe is the sibling cafe of Conduroy and Finch I went to with Go-san b4 and very very nice ambience. we took outdoor seats since the place was quite cold, then she treated me to a drink for helping her with her internet applications. :D had a lot more secrets spilling out, but i am glad to have someone to share with and give me some advice from a outsider's point of view since she dunno me very well also. Beautiful view of sentosa gateway and the ships by the way. Finally reached home at about 11pm, quite tired.

I'm waiting for my hair to dry now.. (realised from many blogs i read that posts are written when most girls are waiting for their hair to dry in the nite after a late shower... hmm) so .. good nite!!


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