Tuesday, October 23, 2007

千五百四十一: Earrings


I finally completed my first pair of earrings. & i bloody well finally understand why the people charge the amount they charge at accessories stores. cos it is so much effort!! my neck was aching by the end of it, the earrings were abit lopsided (but not bad for a first time effort la...) and fingers aching from gripping the wire, or trying to bend the wires into hooks.. i was actually perspiring after an hour of this activity. very good arm and eye exercise, trying to poke the wire through the tiniest hole through the small beads.

okie here's what it looks like :
Beaded dangly earrings
dangly beaded earrings

much room for improvement, but at least i did it all by myself!

tomorrow i better remember to go shop for my dad's birthday present. hmm.
ok nitez!!


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