Tuesday, October 16, 2007

千五百三十七: Back to Singapore

I arrived safely in Sg on monday night after a harrowing 1 hour flight from KL.

The airplane had a power failure after we boarded it, and it was >5 minutes later before they could get the plane to power up again and all of us passengers just sat there in the dark wondering what was going on. Finally the plane roared to life again, but I was feeling abit spooked. There was also a very spoilt kid whining and crying and he was driving me nuts.

After the power came on, they began screening the safety video, BUT the video was cut off halfway, and all of us sat there in silence. not really daring to breathe. so the whole 1 hour journey frm KL - SG was basically a whole 1 hour thinking if we were going to crash, especially with every strange shake of the plane.

When we reached Changi, we were delayed cos of the power problem again, the plane's engine couldn't be powered off w/o the help of an external generator. (X.X)

reached home and unpacked at about 10pm, ate some instant mee and managed to sleep at about 12. my mouth was hurting like mad from the ulcer. (T.T)

Work again today, came back to a very busy UAT period, but as usual, due to various UAT conditions and bad environment, managed to clear most of my cases asap.


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