Thursday, October 11, 2007

千五百三十二: Hero

Today me & Ryo watched a movie together. (first time this year..)

Tickets to Hero
Wednesday is 1000yen for ladies but usual price for guys at 1800 yen.

Hero starring Kimura was in the theatres (which was the reason why we would even go to the cinema in Japan where movie watching is considered highly exhorbitant). As usual, he was drool-worthy, (Kimura, not Ryo) and this episode of Hero was definitely better with the original cast rather than the Yamaguchi prefecture episode on tv last year.

an autographed poster at the cinema by Kimura Takuya

It was a good show, but the plot of some political scandal in Hero is getting kind of boring. They should put the 古畑 detective series in the theatres too.

& I finally found cheaper leggings. at EST, sort of like 109 in shibuya for the younger group, the prices of cos have to cater to the younger group also. :D After that, we had korean food at one of the restaurants above Yodobashi, (the movie we watched had a lot of scenes of them eating korean food)

Going to 高野山 tomorrow. gotta wake up at 6am i think..zzz nitez!!


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