Monday, October 08, 2007

千五百二十九: 買い物

We tried to wake up earlier to go shopping this morning, as we woke up really late yesterday.

Yesterday :
Visited 井上さん's place and her babies. the baby was really very chubby, but very quiet, smiled and laughed alot but didnt really cry. me, Kana-san and ryo went to her place together. It was quite far from the station and we barely made it to the station at the agreed time of 2pm. so w/o any food in our tummy since the day's sushi, we saw a たこ焼き store at the station and bought Yakisoba / okonomiya / takoyaki and ate that in the car while waiting for Kana-san. Inoue-san's place was pretty cool, spacious and bright. spent the few hours gossiping about what has been happening in the office so far, so many changes and she was oso out of touch since she had been on maternity leave for nearly a year.

Left her place at about 5.30pm, me & ryo went for a quick dinner at Jolly Pasta b4 he sent me to the station to pass mooncake to kent at Umeda while he went for his karate class. :p kent treated me to marron tarte at Harbs, very sinful but very delicious dessert, and then went to shop for 2008 organisers at Kiddy Land. I got my Miffy organiser again, & got my sis a smaller version of it as well.

Miffy Mini Diary
Miffy pointing to some place unknown...

after that rushed back to meet ryo to go back and then i just Ko-ed, still suffering from lack of sleep from the plane ride i think.

we woke up (or tried to) wake up at 9am, but ended up only sorta woke up at 10am, showered and went out for brunch. Didnt know where to go eat, in the end ryo chose to go to the dimsum buffet place at Yodobashi.

Ate until very full, then i found that ABC mart was having autumn sales so i bought a pair of puma sneakers while waiting for Ryo (who went to the toilet). later i discovered a gigantic beads shop (new shop) and it was selling beads (very exorbitant price for the crystal beads) and books. I got some stuff to make hp straps, some books, and some japanese beads (very cheap) then Ryo got bored of waiting for me so he went back to ABC mart to look for trainers. while he looked at sports shoes, i saw another pair of sneakers that looked better than the ones i bought earlier, so decided to exchange for that pair instead. keke. abit bad, but I dun need 2 pairs and the ones I chose as an afterthought was really much nicer from adidas instead.

after that rushed to Ryo's fren's place, ate 鍋料理 for dinner, chit chat over tea and alot of snacks, and then the kids all sat around quietly playing Nintendo DS and i drank beer and wine and now feeling abit woozy. tummy been feeling abit weird..

tomorrow should be shopping again (for Ryo not me :D ) nitez!


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