Saturday, October 06, 2007

千五百二十八: 今津

Reached Kansai Airport at about 7.10am yesterday, it was a good flight with me having the whole centre aisle to myself (5 seats!!) hoho. the plane was quite empty so it was great. managed to watch 3 movies, Mr Bean's holiday, License to Wed, Evan Almighty. Fell asleep in the midst of Evan Almighty, think they were at the scene where they were building the ark and the crowd were gathering and he already was looking like Noah. Immigration officer at the Kansai airport was really affable, she asked me whose address I wrote on the card and then she asked me about Ryo. keke. so weird. but having the trainee stamp in my passport is really useful, the customs officer also just asked me did i used to be a trainee, what is my purpose here, etc and just smiled and let me passed when i said i was here to visit friends and tour.

Ryo was waiting to pick me up, then we headed to Imazu to stay at the weekly mansion. its about 2500 yen per day, thats about $30? very cheap, fully furnished but the only grouse is t6hat this room was really super small (with a very small TV...) I guess its ok for 1 person since its near the train station, but definitely would at least have at least a wardrobe around.

Took a nap in the morning until about 2pm, went to check work emails and realised some issues occurred when I wasn't there (isn't it always like that!?) and had to try to remotely solve their problems off my head. its hard to delegate to people because they will almost never get your instructions and do exactly what you want them to do. argh. here I am now at 5am (ryo suddenly woke up) and remembering I haven't sent yesterday's report.

so this part of the to-do list
  • ask her to send Friday's Status report(?)
has become
  • send Friday's Status report by 5pm (PST) (about 8am SG time)

it's really alot easier doing things myself.

Anyway, finally was able to shut off the laptop and go for our brunner (breakfast/lunch/dinner) at about 5pm. We went to くら寿司, conveyor sushi, and won some small souvenir. (every 5 plates you eat you get a chance at the wheel of fortune game) Kept thinking why the store was so empty at 6pm when I realised it wasn't saturday. keke. so blur. main problem we had was with no parking (or expensive parking) so we were trying to look for the cheapest parking area.

Will be visiting inoue-san today, and passing mooncake to kent i think. また!


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