Monday, September 24, 2007

千五百十八: Conduroy & Finch

Holiday today!

Ran some errands in the morning before the mosaic class, so had to force myself to wake up b4 10am. It does not feel good to have to wake up to the alarm clock on a Public Holiday.

Went to collect my air tix from the Malaysia Airlines ticketing office at Clemenceau, next to Park Mall. So troublesome! They do online sales but they don't have e-tickets?! seriously they should try to improve their system! the tix was only $570 but the taxes $360+ . Crazy la.

After that decided to walk back across to HSBC next to PS to try my new Debit Card for the Powervantage account. As expected, the pin number was not the old number, and I hadn't received the new number so the card didn't work. For the few seconds, I thought they had swallowed my card. phew. Since there weren't much people, went into the bank to queue for the teller to ask her to get me a new PIN since I didn't receive the previous one. There was one very difficult customer before me, and it was kind of unprofessional for the teller to be rolling her eyes at the customer's back as he left, even though I could see how she was really put on the spot by him. but, she should have just maintained her smiling face throughout.. I tried to be nicer to her as I could see she just had a rough time but she should learn to be more professional in her facial expressions. She handled my request pretty well, I managed to reach the bus stop and wait less than 5 min for the bus to come and then be early in reaching the class at Bukit Timah Plaza.

This week I made mosaic designs on mugs i bought from ikea, and unfortunately they turned out not so good. I haven't a very clear idea of what to make i guess, which caused the first one to be kinda weird, and maybe I'll give the 2nd one to Ryo instead. A fun 5 hour class again, this time 2 more colleagues joined us. After the lesson, we (郷さん、吉岡さん & me) went to Conduroy and Finch at 6th Ave for dinner. Very good food there! but very ex... this weekend think i spent like my whole month's food budget liaoz. We had a good chat there, sat there from 7.00pm until 9.30pm discussing life and guys. 郷さん was giving me looks when 吉岡さん mentioned the FTE space in the Japan team, and I pretended not to see it. hehe. well. a fun holiday in all, and looking forward to the osaka trip soon. :D


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