Tuesday, September 18, 2007

千五百十三: Mosaic!

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I joined a Mosaic class with Yoshioka-san and 2 other girls from the office yesterday :) it was sooo fun! ok I enjoyed it, cos I enjoy crafts basically. so I made all these mini photo frames. (not the frames, just the designs on them). that was how I spent my day yesteday basically. 5 hours at Bukit Timah plaza making these.

then today was back to work. Swamped with this and that and everything else, and on top of it, organising the airticket group for the end of year New year trip to Japan. trying to get the GV4 promo price, at least 4 people had to fly on the same dates, so of cos was trying to rally people from the Japan team as we had holidays from 28th Dec until 6th Jan. (unofficial public holidays!! yay!) Suddenly we had 4 from only 2 (me and the new guy in my team) then after lunch one more girl asked if it was too late to join. of cos not! the more the merrier! osaka people are hard to come by here, most of the people are from tokyo.

So we'll buy our tix tomorrow, didn't realise need their passport details so I asked them to check their details tonite. :D

and then tomorrow i'm on the morning 7.30am shift for quarterend.. so.. good nite!


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