Wednesday, September 12, 2007

千五百〇九: Spiderweb

I thought I had stepped into another web of lies when I saw something I wasn't told about. Luckily I kept my calm and asked properly about what happened and it wasn't covered up or anything. After that I felt quite remorseful for having such intense emotions upon seeing the photo, but "never ask so I never said" is not a policy that sits very well with me.

I went to work for a 8am meeting only to see the meeting gone from my schedule and I was thinking I didn't see wrongly last night when I realised the bugger who organised the meeting had changed the schedule during Europe working hours, late AFTER Singapore working hours to say she can't join at the original time at 6PM PST because it would be 2AM in Europe. and she changed the time after our working hours, meaning we didn't noe about the change until we reached the office in the morning. DUH!!! how stupid can these people get??! and she rescheduled the meeting for our 5pm - 6pm. Meaning I had to stay an extra half hour even though I already came to work super early. ARGH!!!!!

ok i feel better now that i've let the steam out. Got my card today & I'm quite irritated the card is like so scratched. (Maybe the card issuing centre anyhow keep the cards and just scratch them all over the place? or the person doing the name embossing totally CMI!!) sianz. nvm, will ask for a replacement card when I really can't stand it. They should make their card hardier. So easily scratched, how to look like a premier card?? they make it look like we got no good wallet to keep the card in good condition instead. humph.


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