Monday, September 03, 2007

千五百〇一: OT

First day back on work after a long holiday and the emails are just neverending. :(

Only reached home at nearly 11pm cos today is the first day of UAT and I gotta clear as many test cases as I can since I've a dental apptment tml evening & the Ratatouille movie event on Wed evening. argh.

gd nite.

forgot to add that we received 2 postcards from my sis; 1 when she was in Vatican City and 1 from Italy. they were hilarious and made the whole family laugh. Thank u :)

& that mr B had a haircut and wore a pink shirt today. he looks thinner than he was a week ago. Maybe its his hair?

We got a new colleague in our team as well. His name is 本間, at least I think that's the kanji for his surname. 29 years old, and a totally normal guy. phew.

I can't think if there's anything I forgot to add on here so Good Nite again. :D


Blogger EriKa said...

Just wanted to say HI!
I'll be in Asia next month LOL

12:33 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

Hi EriKa! Thanks for visiting my blog.. I saw your schedule for visiting thailand next month and it looks great! Do take some more time to visit Ko Phi Phi and some of its surrounding islands too, cos I just returned and its beautiful there!

12:38 am GMT+8  

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