Wednesday, August 29, 2007

千四百九十六: The Beach!

Today we went on the 4 islands Ko Phi Phi tour. The guide was a very funny guy who called himself James Bond and kept saying he was very handsome. hahaha.

But the weather was horrible today, unfortunately. It was overcast this morning as we headed towards Bamboo Island (Ko Pai) on the speedboat, but the weather cleared up when we reached there and we actually had about an hour of suntanning & snorkelling there before we headed to Lanti Bay. Its called bamboo island but all the bamboo is in the mountains according to the guide. hmmm.

At Lanti Bay (Ao Lanti), it was supposedly better snorkelling there but actually much of the coral reef had been destroyed during the tsunami in 2004. The guide said to return to the place in 15 years' time. -.- As it was sort of raining quite hard by then, I just watched as Ryo tried snorkelling abit and I tried to throw the bread to where he was treading water so that the fishes came to him. hahaha. Next we went past the cliff that Leonardo (di Caprio) leaped off in The Beach. hee. The boat went past Ko Phi Phi Leh, which had caves of bird's nests in them, but after there were too many poachers in the past, no visitors were allowed in there anymore.

It was Maya Bay (Ao Maya) up next, the beach in The Beach!! it was really as beautiful as the movie portrayed, but unfortunately it was marred by garbage in the waters. The sand was really very very soft though. We stayed there for about 40 minutes and the rain became so heavy that we could only hide beneath the cliffs to wait out the rain instead of frolicking in the blue sea. The boat took us to Phi Phi Don for lunch next and it was just pouring and pouring and we were all shivering in our beachwear in the boat huddled beneath our towels. It was quite a sorry sight as the boat did not offer much in terms of rain protection and even under the shelter of the canopy we were drenched. When we finally reached the island we just followed the guide in the pouring rain to the sheltered area where a buffet lunch of thai food was being served. Tom yam soup had never tasted better, especially when you are soaked to your skin, shivering with cold and wearing just a bikini with hair still dripping wet.

After about 2hours, we got back onto the boat. Luckily the rain had slowed to just a drizzle and we headed towards Mosquito Island (Ko Yung) as the last stop on our itinerary. We were giving 30 min to snorkel, but at first i just thought nothing much was in the water, cos from the top I could see some fishes and nothing much seemed to be in the water. Until Ryo said I had better wear the mask and snorkel too, I shouldn't miss this. So I wore the mask and life jacket and snorkelled for the first time in my life and the view in the water just took my breath away. There were beautiful corals that were not visible the moment I took my head out of water and the fish were so colourful!! They came so near to me!! Very amazing, I can see why a couple on the boat had their own snorkelling equipment. It could become quite addictive.

So finally the tour was over and we sat at the front of the boat for a very very rocky and exciting 1.5 hours ride back to Krabi's Pier. It felt like those rides at Disneyland / USJ where they drop you from a really high place and you just feel weightless like you are going to fly off. The weather was still bad and sitting in the front made us feel the full impact of the choppy waters. Very shiok!!! I just screamed my head off when the boat hit the bumpy waters and it felt like an endless thrill ride, hehe.

We finally reached the resort at abou 4pm, wanting to get a hot shower and guess what, the whole block was down with a power outage and a water stoppage. -.- We couldn't shower or use the loo!! Argh.. in the end we just tried to change and went to the lounge for the free cake and tea to wait out the repairs. Finally after an hour, everything was working again despite the initial murky and brown waters coming out of the taps for the first few seconds.

& yesterday we discovered a small Thai/Chinese cuisine restaurant that has the best prices around here. (normal dishes not above 70 Baht) & we had a very good dinner before it started raining in the evening and we had to dash back in the rain. looking forward to pool lounging again tomorrow. :D


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