Thursday, August 23, 2007

千四百九十二: Rush Hour 3

The movie was hilarious! Chris Tucker was one fast talking cop with a very very comical face. I wonder who wrote the script. The lines kept me laughing throughout and although its amazing how jackie chan still has the energy and dare to do such stunts, he is getting kind of old for such slapstick lines.

I finally packed finished I think? I haven't changed money though, probably no time le. The guidebooks are at the office, I think I'll bring at least 2 bottles of water there? abit worried about food poisoning. n I only just showered. got a 8am meeting tomorrow.


Blogger Edwin said...

Speaking of watching movies, there is a new PC game called Stranglehold, made by John Woo to be released soon. It stars Chow Yun Fatt as well. Sort of a PC-movie game I guess...

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