Monday, August 20, 2007

千四百九十: JCS

What's left:
  1. Register for JLPT 1 exam by next week
  2. Change S$400 to Thai Baht & Go to The Cathay next week
  3. MSE GateKeeping Manual!
  4. Prepare list of things to followup.
  5. Excel my funds
  6. Prepare Ryo's stuff - DS
  7. Prepare Status Sheet & Folders for UAT
  8. Pack Luggage
  9. Collate guidebook/Collect Guidebook from YH
I finally registered for the JLPT exam with Suki today, and this is the first time I've been to JCS. Apparently it's the HQ, the place gives us our exam ID number directly after we pay and hand in our registration form (I'm 10105). I hope I get to take the exam at Bugis this time though. It's always at the Japanese school at ulu Changi and it's so inconvenient!

On the way home, had a scare and thought I had left my vodafone in the office on my desk. Just couldn't find it in my bag no matter how I searched. After I finally got to sit down in the bus, was just frantically digging through my overstuffed bag and luckily it was inside some corner.

Time passed very fast at work today, before I knew it, it was lunchtime. I am a little bit irritated by a Japanese colleague. I find it quite awkward to eat with her, cos I dunno how to carry on conversations with her. She's abit like Phoebe in friends, flinty? like, we will be talking about something then she will put in some weird comment that is of a different topic altogether and we will all just fall into silence. I feel very stressed to eat with her & I think she is really free at work so she will come and ask to join our lunch group exactly at 11am. which is supposed to be lunch time but usually we don't go so punctually cos we are all quite busy. So I kinda resent her joining our lunch group (making my lunchtime a non-relaxing time) but at the same time, can't say no also I suppose. aRGH!!


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